Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.


Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. is a major Indian multinational corporation based in New Delhi, India with businesses in steel, mining and energy that span the globe. They also own reserves of low-rank, high moisture coal in Indonesia which they plan to upgrade once extracted. JSPL is a subsidiary of Jindal Group, one of the most significant industrial conglomerates of India.

Jindal Steel & Power has already funded 50% of the licensing fee for a 1M ton Pristine-M technology facility. Once Pristine-M is commercial and in the market, Jindal will be the first customer to build a commercial facility under the guidance of Leidos and CCTI.

Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit Corporation is an employee-owned Fortune 500 contractor based in Omaha, Nebraska. Privately held, it is one of the largest contractors in the world. Kiewit’s Mining Group has grown steadily to become one of North America’s leading producers of high-quality, high-energy coal and is ranked as one of the top 10 coal producers in the nation. Since 1943, Kiewit Mining Group has been involved in the mining of over 775 million tons of coal and moving over 3.7 billion cubic yards of overburden. Keiwit is a valuable partner of Clean Coal Technologies and currently oversees the engineering effort behind our Pristine M technology.

University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is a land-grant university located in Laramie, Wyoming. In 2016 the university launched a Carbon Engineering Initiative with a goal to develop, manufacture and engineer advanced processes to convert coal and coal by-products into molecular intermediates or valuable (non-fuel) carbon materials that may be considered long term carbon sinks and/or co-processed with other hydrocarbon feedstock sources. Clean Coal Technologies has an exceptional partnership with the University of Wyoming that is extremely supportive of the final stages of testing and commercialization of our coal processing technology.