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An Emerging Growth Business Specializing
in the Production of Cleaner Coal

Based in New York, Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CCTC) (PINK: CCTC) has introduced proprietary patented and patent pending technologies to convert raw coal into a cleaner, more efficient fuel source. Pristine™ and Pristine-M™, Clean Coal Technologies’ trademarked products, are significantly more efficient, less polluting and more cost-effective than untreated coal.

In late 2010, Clean Coal Technologies retained new management whose mission was to establish a commercial platform to market its innovative processes worldwide. In so doing, it became quickly apparent that the quickest path to market was through the Asian market that, at present, is the most dynamic coal-based energy market in the world.

The Asian opportunity, initially, is being addressed through Clean Coal Technologies’ Pristine-M™ process that solves the two key problems faced by companies that offer a dry coal product. These problems are that very dry coal is dangerous to transport owing to the risk of spontaneous combustion and, second, that the dried coal tends to re-absorb moisture quickly before it reaches the end user. The company’s Pristine-M™ process successfully addresses both problems, and does so very cost-effectively. Unlike most competing processes, Clean Coal’s process does not involve pulverization and subsequent briquetting of the coal. The company’s “Vapor Phase Deposition” process allows for the increase of the calorific content of the raw coal beyond what would be achieved naturally by the removal of moisture alone.

Currently, Clean Coal Technologies is working with SAIC on the construction of a 1:15 scale pilot plant that will be tested at the site of a major U.S coal-fired power company in Oklahoma. Tests are underway to complete the final design of the key components of the plant.

Owing to the unique design of the plant, there are no problems anticipated in scaling up from the pilot plant to the full-scale unit. The pilot plant is on track to be commissioned early 2015, subject to finalizing funding, after which Clean Coal Technologies will enter aggressively into a marketing program to deploy the technology widely, primarily in Asia.