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Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CCTC) is an emerging growth coal technology company developing what could be the world’s first commercially viable and scalable coal dehydration technology. In 2015, approximately 40% of the world’s energy will come from coal.  65% of global coal reserves are sub-bituminous, or low-ranking, and therefore should be upgraded prior to combustion to eliminate moisture, reduce transportation costs, and minimize harm to the environment.  CCTC’s Pristine M technology, which will be commercial Q4 2015, has the opportunity to revolutionize the coal industry and allow for the upgrading of billions of tons of coal around the world.

While there are many recognized benefits to removing moisture from coal, the historical problems with coal de-hydration are that when the moisture is removed from coal, coal becomes very friable, leading to coal dust, spontaneous combustion, and a host of other problems.  In addition, other dehydration technologies, such as briquetting and pelleting, have been very expensive with less than positive results.  To date, there is no proven viable economic process for the removal of moisture from coal.

CCTC’s technology deals with extraction of the volatiles in liquid form from lower ranking coals.   Once the moisture is removed from the targeted coal, the liquid volatiles are used through an “absorption” process to fill the pores of the coal that has been dehydrated.  Additional liquid volatiles are used through an adsorption process to coat the coal.  The result is a dramatic improvement in the coal ranking through increased caloric content (BTU’s), and a stable low moisture feedstock for power generation. Removing moisture reduces shipping costs by weight and the delivery of less volume of higher ranking coals to meet the requirements of the end user.  Increasing the coal ranking improves the market price and salability of coal.   Using relatively inexpensive coal and upgrading its BTU ranking often creates an arbitrage between the disproportionate market prices of lower ranking coals versus their higher ranking counterparts. The applications on most coals are very compelling, even bringing much higher value to stranded reserves, low ranking coals, lignite, and high moisture coals that might not be saleable in current world coal market conditions.

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Clean Coal Technologies Inc, Webcast December 01, 2015 10:00am ET

Clean Coal Technologies Inc, announces a Webcast on December 01, 2015 at 10:00am ET to provide an update on the status of the testing facility at the AES site in Oklahoma.

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