Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: CCTC) is a US coal technology company owning the global patents for coal dehydration resulting in stable, dust free, safe to handle, low moisture coal significantly improving the impact of burning and transporting poor quality coal on the environment. Along with producing more energy than untreated coal, the refined product also produces fewer harmful emissions when burned, including carbon dioxide, sulfur and mercury.

CCTC’s Pristine M™ technology, unlocks the capacity to economically extract and preserve water and other valuable by products from coal. The result is coal that reduces the impact on the environment by burning more efficiently and is stable with no dust pollution during transport.

The technology has been proven in a test environment in Oklahoma processing 2 tons per hour. University of Wyoming has recently independently verified the technology labelling it a “first-of-a-kind and industry-leading technology

The patented process includes a modular design that allows the plant to be scaled to commercially viable processing levels.

Work is underway to establish a new test facility in Wyoming that will incorporate efficiencies identified in the 1st test facility as well as those identified by the University. The new location will in addition allow CCTI to test international coal.

By improving coal using CCTI technologies, mine owners will be able to take advantage of the pricing arbitrage between low and higher ranked coal as well as make a significant contribution to lowering the impact on the environment of using lower ranked coal.

CCTI expect to generate revenue through the sale of patent licences and valuable by-products that can be extracted from coal providing an alternative revenue stream for coal deposits.