Clean Coal to put test plant at former Fort Union site

Jonathan Gallardo Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. has a permanent location for its test facility in Campbell County.

Sean Mahoney, the company’s press officer, said the University of Wyoming is working with the company to get the test plant up and running at the former Fort Union mine site as soon as possible. The site is northeast of Gillette off Garner Lake Road.

“We had a lot of boxes to check in order to ensure maximum return,” said Aiden Neary, the company’s COO and CFO. “This particular location, we filled each box.”

The site’s proximity to Gillette, as well as the fact that it already had some infrastructure in place, made it the ideal location, Neary said.

Now the company is seeking the necessary permits through the state Department of Environmental Quality.

“We’ve met with them already, and we needed to finalize and secure the location before the actual application,” he said. “They’re very aware of what we’re doing and what our plans are.”

The company’s technology reduces the moisture in coal, leaving the mineral stable and safe to handle. Along with producing more energy than untreated coal, the refined Clean Coal product also produces fewer harmful emissions when burned, including carbon dioxide.

Clean Coal will facilitate the advanced research work being done in partnership with UW to assess the the technology’s ability to access the valuable byproducts from coal. It expects this will produce a separate and important revenue stream for Powder River Basin coal.

The Fort Union site is turning into a hot spot for carbon innovation. It is home to Atlas Carbon and also has been pegged as the location for the Advanced Carbon Products Innovation Center.