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The Future of Technologically Enhanced Coal

Conservative estimates suggest that over 1 billion people globally do not have access to electricity. And one thing that can be said with virtual certainty about those invisible townspeople is that not one person reading this article is one of them.

It is time to face facts on coal and recognise the continued benefits it provides across the globe. Coal is the oldest and most reliable source of energy in the world, with the rst US coal power plant built in the 1880s. It has been the driver behind industrial revolutions and has provided energy to billions of people and, as a result, improved the quality of life across the world. Throughout the Western world, access to electricity is not only expected, it is demanded and viewed upon as a right. However, that is not the case across most of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, in many of those regions, it is a scarce luxury.

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Clean Coal to put test plant at former Fort Union site

Jonathan Gallardo Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. has a permanent location for its test facility in Campbell County.

Sean Mahoney, the company’s press officer, said the University of Wyoming is working with the company to get the test plant up and running at the former Fort Union mine site as soon as possible. The site is northeast of Gillette off Garner Lake Road.

“We had a lot of boxes to check in order to ensure maximum return,” said Aiden Neary, the company’s COO and CFO. “This particular location, we filled each box.” read more…

Clean Coal set to make Wyoming move

Development of a Clean Coal Technologies Inc. research plant and commercial production facility in the Powder River Basin will begin in the New Year at the former Two Elk property southeast of Wright. read more…