A big thank you to all US coal miners who continue to work through this crisis ensuring a reliable and affordable source of energy for US households. @CCTCInc applauds their dedication. @FriendsofCoalKY @Sen_JoeManchin @GovernorGordon @fossilenergygov @realDonaldTrump

The coronavirus shows how important it is to avoid getting any respiratory ailments. Eliminating coal dust during coal transportation using technologies like @CCTCInc will contribute to the responsible use and transportation of coal. @EnergyUW @GovernorGordon @fossilenergygov

As of today, March 26th, the fabrication of the rotary kiln for @CCTCInc remains on schedule for Q2.The kiln will be transported to Wyoming and will go through 3 days of testing before being incorporated in the test facility. Should there be any change to this we will inform you.

As of today the fabrication of parts for the reassembly of @CCTCInc test facility remains on target for Q2. We will keep everyone apprised should there be any change to the timeframe.

A total of $823k has now been paid for @CCTCInc rotary kiln. The final installment of $205k is due upon delivery. As of today the current global crisis has not impacted our Q2 reassembly but we are monitoring very closely and will keep the market apprised. Stay safe all!

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