"Efficiency and Optimization: Clean Coal Technologies' Pristine-M Solution" https://www.power-technology.com/features/efficiency-and-optimisation-clean-coal-technologies-pristine-m-solution/ In today's Power-Technology @PowerTechnology magazine, updating CCTI progress with Univ. of Wyoming Energy @EnergyUW

I would love to see a plan on where they intend to dispose of obsolete and expired toxic solar panels or is that an issue for the next generation to deal with? Coal is reliable and affordable and being made cleaner with technologies like @CCTCInc . @EnergyUW @ENERGY @EnergyGOP

WV Coal Association@WV_coal1


Any technology like ours @CCTCInc that makes coal more efficient, reduces overall emmissions and produces a dust free coal for transportation should be shared with the world. We are proud to be part of the global solution! @EnergyUW @EricTrump @ENERGY @EnergyGOP @EnergyDems


Kentucky needs to use technology too! https://twitter.com/CCTCInc/status/1183035970201051138

Coal is here and here to stay. It is the backbone of all industrial nations and continues to enrich the lives of billions of people. Our next step is to make it more efficient and environmentally responsible. Technologies like @CCTCInc will play a key role. @ENERGY @EnergyGOP

Friends of Coal-KY@FriendsofCoalKY

Coal is the bedrock of reliable electricity: its there every time we need it. Flip a switch, lights come on. Thank coal. #TheCoalTruth

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