CCTI Technology Portfolio

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (CCTI) has developed a suite of patented processes in the cleantech space that address multi-billion dollar unmet needs of the global coal and power industries. Our processes are able to address numerous needs across different industries from coal mining companies that need to upgrade low-rank coal (LRC); power companies that need to meet air quality standards; steel companies that need low-cost coking material; chemical companies who can benefit from the harvesting of hydrocarbon compounds from low-cost coal as opposed to high-cost oil; agricultural companies, alternative fuels (e.g., pet coke substitute), activated carbon; carbon electrodes; etc.


CCTI’s Pristine M technology is a patented, low-cost coal dehydration technology. The Pristine M process begins with the extraction of volatile material in liquid form from lower ranking coals. Once the moisture is removed from the targeted coal, the liquid volatiles are used through an “absorption” process to fill the pores of the coal that has been dehydrated. The end result is an impermeable, stable coal with an upgraded BTU content that can be economically transported and used for coal-fired power generation.


Pristine-SA, is a development stage technology designed to eliminate 100% of the volatile material in feed coal.  To achieve stable combustion, Pristine-SA would be co-fired with treated biomass or natural gas. The process would result in a clean fuel, eliminating the need for emissions scrubbers and the corollary production of toxic FGD sludge. Pristine-SA is a versatile product that can be used to produce numerous non-fuel products.


CCTI’s legacy technology, Pristine™, is designed to remove moisture and volatile matter (VM), as per client-specified requirements. The factor determining volatile material reduction is boiler design and the need for a certain amount of volatile material to remain in the coal to ensure proper burn. The end product is a cleaner burning, dry coal.  CCTI will advance the Pristine™ technology following the commercial launch of the Pristine-M technology in 2015.

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